The Footwear Academy by Stefano Bemer

The bespoke shoemaking courses are designed for students who want to acquire the skills to turn their creative ideas into a final product. We pass on generations of know-how with future shoemakers.

  • Cost: 8.000 or 13.800 Euro
  • Duration: 10 or 20 Weeks
  • Language: English or Italian
  • Modalities: Monday to Friday
  • Locations: Florence, Italy
  • Starting Date: 22 Aug or 6 Feb

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The program is composed of three stages to be completed over the course of a year. The first, introductory stage – called Apprentice – is for students who wish to acquire the basic skill-set and knowledge-base of hand-made shoemaking. This program lasts 10 weeks. The Artigiano Level is a semester long program (that includes the Apprentice level) which enable students to have a complete shoemaking profile.

This path must be completed before progressing to the Maestro level which can be undertaken only upon invitation of a master artisan.

The next session will start on August 22nd, 2022.

Learn how to make bespoke shoes

The late Stefano Bemer committed his short and yet bright career to master his unique blend of shoemaking techniques and create what he wanted to become the perfect Italian men’s shoe. This quest to develop his own idea of perfection has led to accomplishments that have been recognized and acclaimed by connoisseurs all around the world. This would have been enough for most people. However, great people in history understand that it is not just about themselves, in the here and now, but also about their legacy and the impact they have on others. With this in mind, Stefano Bemer is committed to training artisans and transmit its own legacy of quality and style.

Discover more about Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer’s training program aims to empower students to pursue their dream of hand-making shoes through the development of both skills and vision.

Students will also engage with design and branding elements essential to develop a personal path in this industry. They will start here to build their future as makers, entrepreneurs or successful employees all over the world.

The courses are for individuals seeking to develop and extend their practice and skills in the heart of Made in Italy. This course of learning is driven by the student’s self-defined project.

Given the nature of the discipline, the course will rely on skilled practitioners as the key facilitators of learning.

Instructors are craftsmen who will have a common focus in seeking to develop the skills of students as proactive and reflective independent learners.

Some workshop activities will require students to work in groups, also from other courses, in scenarios that will involve multiple cultures and nationalities.

Our purpose is to build a vast network of contemporary and independent thinking makers who are able to change the world with their hands.

Our goal is to become the worldwide Hub for crafts training.

Learning outcomes
After having completed the six month path (Apprentice and Artigiano level) students:

Will be able to manufacture from scratch a pair of men's shoes and will become part of a worldwide community of makers.


Will be able to turn visions, ideas, strategies and concepts into concrete actions.


Will become contemporary entrepreneurs with the skills to manage their own brand.


Will gain a clear sense of what their skills, abilities and talents are, and how to apply them in their work, along with a platform for further growth and development.


Will gain a clear and holistic understanding of how to create value and change in their work.

Information and requirements
Attendance and timetable

Attendance is mandatory; classes and workshop hours are held: Monday – Friday from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM and from 2.00 to 5.00 PM (subject to adjustments). This is a semester long course comprised of 600 hours, equivalent to 740 academic hours.

Number of participants

Enrollment is limited to 12 students. There are no prerequisites. Personal motivation and vision will be the main aspects that will be taken into consideration and evaluated in order to be accepted into this program. Students attending the Artigiano module are prioritised over the Apprentice one.

How to enroll

Each applicant will be interviewed by the school’s staff in order to verify language skills and find out what the student’s motivations are. To start the enrollment process and receive the list of documents needed, please fill out the contact form.

Academic Requirements

High school diploma; A high-intermediate level of the English or Italian language sufficient to understand and participate in lessons (corresponding to level TOEFL 450); 18 years of age at the time of application. The program will be held in italian and english.


Our training programs start each year at the beginning of February and in late August.

Program and basic description

The Artigiano level is a semester long program which includes the Apprentice Level. The full program is very intensive and will lead students to improve their skills through a path dedicated to handmade, bespoke techniques, but also design and branding elements. After finishing these programs, students can become bespoke shoemakers.

Handmade Men’s shoes Training programs
Find the right path according to your experience and learning needs.

10:00-13:00 AM / 14:00-18:00 PM (CET)

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Florence (Italy)

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