The ancient art of ceramics is one of the first testimonies of mankind and its ability to dominate and reinvent matter with its hands. Today this traditional charming craft can be renewed through modern innovative techniques in order to find new unexpected applications and contaminations with contemporary design and sculpture. 

  • Cost: 5.200 or 9.500 Euro
  • Duration: 10 or 20 Weeks
  • Language: English or Italian
  • Modalities: Monday to Friday
  • Locations: Florence, Italy
  • Starting Date: 22 Aug or 6 Feb

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SCHOLA, in collaboration with NICCOLÒ POGGI FIRENZE, created Ceramic Crafts, a training course where the classic pottery craft meets digital design, modern art and industrial production. Our aim is to create a new, contemporary generation of potters, able to translate tradition into the most up- to-date perspectives, exploring new ways of being today’s modern artisans. Ceramic Crafts is a creative Lab where to learn, imagine and put together different approaches, unexpected mixes and new experimental ideas.

Students will live a unique and inspirational learning experience ranging through the traditional wheel- thrown techniques, 3D digital design, sculpture, the making of molds, as well as the creation of unique and mass-produced handcrafted pieces. The course is composed of 2 modules, a basic and an advanced one. Students who decide to attend only the first introductory module (Apprentice level), will acquire some basic 3D design skills and will apply them to both hand-built and wheel-thrown objects, working on simple pottery shapes. Students who will apply to both modules (Artigiano level), will get the chance to accomplish their path, learn how to create 3D designs of more complex shapes, study how to model figurative and abstract forms with clay, how to create silicone rubber and plaster molds in order to be able to reproduce their own creations.

The Apprentice Level has a duration of 10 weeks (300 hours); the Artigiano Level includes both modules (basic and advanced), plus 3 additional weeks of interdisciplinary open labs, for a total duration of 20 weeks (600 hours). 


Niccolo’ Poggi is the grandson of Ugo Poggi, who founded the company Ugo Poggi in Florence in 1900 as a furniture factory.  In 1922, Ugo Poggi opened a shop on Florence’s premier shopping street, Via Strozzi, producing and selling pottery, silverware, china, Murano glass, crystal and furnishings.

The good taste , the research, the care in choosing materials and the passion go on with his son and his grandson.

Niccolo’ Poggi is now an award-winning designer based in Florence. After graduating with a degree in architecture from The University of Florence, Niccolò started work as an architect and interior designer. While working as an architect, Niccolò was commissioned to  design products for international brands, which inspired him to create and produce his own designs.

Niccolò gained international recognition for his exclusive, nature-inspired organic designs, winning an award in Japan for his design of a sculptural light which is permanently exhibited in the Museum Karasuma Oike in Kyoto.

Nature and organic forms are a constant source of inspiration in the design of the human environment and the relationship between nature and the various design disciplines is core to the works of Niccolò Poggi.

The “organic model” inspired by nature, with its forms, structures and organizing principles, not only inspires the widest range of concepts and designs, but can also be expressed across the broad spectrum of form and function.

The works of Niccolò Poggi refer to this organic model and Niccolò Poggi presents a selection of objects and projects from the field of design, architecture, landscape, art, photography and scientific research- works that do not simply depict or imitate organic forms but use them as a starting point and reservoir of inspiration for eclectic and innovative responses to the relationship between man and his environment.

corso ceramica Niccolò Poggi Firenze Schola
CERAMIC CRAFTS training course is part of SCHOLA, a network of schools for artisanal creators in Florence.

The course aims to empower students to pursue their ambition of becoming modern craftsmen by developing both their skills and vision

The course is for individuals seeking to develop or extend their practice and skills in the heart of Made in Italy

Given the nature of the discipline, the course will rely on skilled practitioners as the key facilitators of learning

Some workshop activities will require students to work in groups, also from other courses, in scenarios that will involve multiple cultures and nationalities

The course combines practical hands-on training with the theoretical study of subjects related to ceramics, sculpture, design, branding, marketing and production

The final project of each student will be the common thread of the course and will lead the students to acquire the skills and the knowledge to put their ideas into practice

Students will be encouraged to think and develop the essential elements of their own design identity. Design will have a key role in the learning process along with branding and management skills, which are all essential to develop a personal path in this industry. Students will start here to build their future as makers, entrepreneurs or successful employees all over the world

Our purpose is to build a vast network of contemporary and independent-thinking ceramists who are able to change the world with their hands, by developing a conscious relationship between intelligence of the hands and contemporary culture, along with the importance of environmental and social sustainability. Our goal is to become a worldwide hub for crafts training.

Learning outcomes
After having completed the program, students

Will be able to design and manufacture ceramics and will become part of a worldwide community of makers


Will be able to turn visions, ideas, strategies and concepts into concrete actions


Will become contemporary artisans, able to treasure traditional skills and translate them into modern products


Will gain a clear sense of what their skills, abilities and talents are, and how to apply them in their work, along with a platform for further growth and development


Will gain a clear and holistic understanding of how to create value and change in their work

Information and requirements
Attendance and schedule

Attendance is mandatory. Classes and workshops are held from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00. The schedule and timing may change depending on instructors' needs and priorities, therefore students are required to provide maximum flexibility in order to fulfill their academic curriculum and experience. The basic module is 10 weeks long, the advanced module is 7 weeks long + 3 weeks for the final project. The schedule will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Number of participants

Enrollment is limited to 12 students. There are no prerequisites. Personal motivation and vision will be the main aspects that will be taken into consideration and evaluated in order to be accepted into this program.

How to enroll

Each applicant will be interviewed by the school’s staff in order to verify language skills and to find out what the student’s motivations are. To start the enrollment process and receive the list of documents needed, please fill out the contact form

Academic Requirements

High school diploma; a high-intermediate level of English or Italian language sufficient to understand and to participate in lessons (corresponding to level TOEFL 450); 18 years of age at the time of application. Courses will be held in English and Italian.


Our training programs start each year at the beginning of February and in late August.


The school will support students in finding an accommodation during the length of the course.

Training programs
Find the right path according to your experience and learning needs.

A pre-enrollment is necessary with a deposit of €3500 at the moment of the signing up. The deposit will be refunded if the application is not accepted. After enrollment is accepted, the deposit will not be refunded in case the student decides not to attend.

Total price of the Apprentice Level is €5200, including all class works, lessons, use of laboratories, a kit of basic materials needed for the lessons, taxes and insurance.

Total price of the Artigiano Level is €9500, including all class works, lessons, use of laboratories, a kit of basic materials needed for the lessons, taxes and insurance.

Not included: accommodation and meals, airfare, airport transfer and meals, extra materials, particular equipment requested for the personal final project.


10:00-13:00 AM / 14:00-18:00 PM (CET)

+[39] 055/8895660



Florence (Italy)

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