Learn how to design, create and run an artisanal food business.
Our menus follow the turning of the seasons: they may seem static, but they actually move from winter to spring, summer and fall and change every month, every week and every day.
Fabio Picchi

Cibrèo is an independent thinking business founded by Fabio Picchi who is worldwide known for his intellectual honesty, his visionary approach and his ability to melt innovation, authenticity and tradition.

Cibrèo Academy and SCHOLA created Food Artisan, a training program which provides students with a unique and fully immersive experience within an artisanal and authentic food business in Florence. 

The course is designed to be not only a cooking school, but a wider experience that focuses on how an artisanal food business works. 

Cibrèo aims to educate on hand-crafted, traditionally made, authentic artisan products and to share its genuine and successful approach on food and food business. 

Food Artisan is not strictly a Tuscan or Italian culinary school. Cibrèo’s philosophy can be translated anywhere in the world. Students coming from abroad or planning to set up a business outside Italy, are welcome to apply their knowledge to deliver an authentic experience worldwide. 

The course is designed with a focus on the knowledge of local, seasonal and artisanal ingredients, cooking skills and restaurant management. 

Each semester will rely on what the current season will offer and no exception will be made. Seasonal products will be the leading and central theme of the program which will be focused on food producers, on the transformation, preparation and final presentation of products. Each month will bring different fresh products on stage and Cibrèo’s method will guide students in order to emphasize seasonality as a positive value for customers. 

During the program, students will explore topics such as sustainability, ethical and health issues relating to food production, consumption and quality, and how these elements relate to producers. 

Next session will start on February 8th, 2022.

Cibrèo was founded on September 8th 1979 following an intuition by Fabio Picchi, who chose this name in full harmony with its family tradition and with a real passion for the alchemy of Florentine cuisine.

In a constant shift between past and present, the city, the neighbourhood and the whole world,  Cibrèo has become the ideal setting for cultural discussion and social promotion. Cibrèo is not only a restaurant, it is also an eatery – Cibrèo Trattoria (the so-called Cibrèino), a coffee shop – Caffè Cibrèo, a cultural association – Teatro del Sale,  a Tuscan Oriental restaurant – Ciblèo and a grocery store, C.Bio.


Cibrèo Academy training program aims to empower each student to pursue their dream of starting an artisanal food business through the development of both their skills and vision. They will learn how to give shape to their ideas and put them into practice.

Cibrèo Academy’s program, starting from the particularity and distinctiveness of the Tuscan and Florentine food culture within Italy, will invite the students to reflect on food production, consumption and preparation in relation to terroir, from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective.

Students will also engage with design and branding elements, which are essential to developing a personal path in the artisanal food field. Students will start here to build their future as makers, entrepreneurs or successful employees all over the world.

Given the nature of the discipline, the course will rely on skilled practitioners as the key facilitators of learning. Instructors are food producers, farmers, food entrepreneurs, wine makers, chefs food historians, sociologists and anthropologists, marketing experts, who will have a common focus in seeking to develop the skills of students as proactive and reflective independent learners.

Some workshop activities will require students to work in groups, also from other courses, in scenarios that will involve multiple cultures and nationalities.

Cibrèo Academy program, starting from the peculiarity and specificity of the Tuscan and Florentine food culture within Italy, will lead students to reflect about food production, consumption and preparation in relation to terroir, from a broad and multidisciplinary perspective.

Our purpose is to build a vast network of contemporary culinary artisans who are able to change the world with their hands by developing a conscious relationship with food and spread the awareness of the importance of environmental and social sustainability, food quality and terroir. We strongly believe that they can have a direct impact on the food system through an ethical approach to food.

Our wish is to spread our approach and respect for sustainable food to a wide community; we want to make sure that local products and producers will play primary role in the food market. We can’t go against the perfection of nature, we need to keep in mind that industry is not the solution. Our students will spread this values in their home countries.

Learning outcomes
After having completed this path students:

Will be able to design, start and run an artisanal food business and become part of a worldwide community of culinary artisans.


Will be able to realize visions, ideas, strategies and concepts.


Will become contemporary entrepreneurs with the skills to manage their own brand.


Will gain a clear sense of what their skills, abilities and talents are, and how to apply them in their work, along with a platform for further growth and development.


Will develop the expertise to be leaders in the artisan food industry learning how to give value to the local food resources and how to communicate this value through their work.

Informations and requirements
Attendance and schedule

Attendance is mandatory. Classes and workshops are held from Monday to Friday. The schedule and timing may change depending on Cibreo’s needs and priorities, therefore students are required to provide maximum flexibility in order to fulfill their academic curriculum and experience the complexity of the Cibrèo’s network operations. The first basic module is 7 weeks long, the second advanced module is 10 weeks long + 3 weeks of multidisciplinary open labs. A detailed schedule will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Number of participants

Enrollment is limited to 15 students. There are no pre requirements. Personal motivation and vision will be the main aspect that will be taken into consideration and evaluated in order to be accepted into this program.

How to enroll

Each applicant will be interviewed by the school’s staff in order to verify language skills and to find out what the student’s motivations are. To start the enrollment process and receive the list of documents needed, please fill out the contact form.

Academic Requirements

High school diploma; a high-intermediate level of English or Italian language sufficient to understand and to participate in lessons (corresponding to level TOEFL 450); 18 years of age at the time of application. Courses will be held in English and Italian.


The school will support students in finding an accommodation during the length of the course.


Our training programs start each year at the beginning of February and in late August.

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