Learn the Women’s Shoemaking Essentials in Florence

  • Cost: 5.900 or 10.800 Euro
  • Duration: 10 or 20 Weeks
  • Language: English or Italian
  • Modalities: Monday to Friday
  • Locations: Florence, Italy
  • Starting Date: 22 Aug or 6 Feb

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Women’s Shoe Design & Prototyping training course merges tradition and contemporaneity.
You will learn classic artisanal manufacturing techniques, design and branding strategies to become a modern craftsman, able to join the fashion industry or develop a personal business.
The program takes place in Florence for a total duration of 20 weeks in the new hub where creativity and inspiration flow.


The course helps students pursue their ambition of becoming shoemakers by developing both their skills and vision.

Instructors are all professionals in the field, who impart both their theoretical and practical abilities as well as their real-world experience as shoemakers.

Design will have a key role in the learning process along with branding and management skills, which are all essential to develop a personal path in the fashion industry.

This program is for individuals seeking to develop or extend their practice and skills in the heart of Made in Italy.

Some workshop activities will require students to work in groups, also from other courses, to open their minds and extend their creativity.


Schola offers 2 different learning levels.

You can decide to attend either the first 10-week introductory module and learn the basic skills of women’s shoemaking, or the whole 20-week program, in order to accomplish your path, design your own capsule collection and obtain a professional skill level.

During the 10-week introductory program, you will be introduced to basic tools, materials and silhouettes to develop the most important women shoe models. You will learn how to stretch the shoe model onto the form, creating and designing the upper of the shoe model: choosing, attaching and nailing the materials assembled by hand or by using the correct machinery for each step. You will gain a basic knowledge about pattern making and prototyping and will accomplish the prototype of a basic shoe model, as well as become familiar with some fundamental design and branding elements.

If you want to get to a higher training level and be able to turn your skills into a profession, you can enroll in the whole 20-week program. You will deepen the learning of pattern making and prototyping and acquire the technical skills needed to develop more complex models. You will continue the study of design and branding elements and apply them to a final project that you will develop in our laboratories under the guidance of our Maestros.

Interdisciplinary workshops in Marketing, Photography and Packaging are going to be part of the program, in order to deliver a broad, 360° approach that will concretely support your future career.


The final project of each student will be the common thread of the course and will lead the students to acquire the skills and the knowledge to put their ideas into practice.  Students will be encouraged to think and develop the essential elements of their own design identity.

Students will conceive, design and create their own capsule collection, starting to define their personal aesthetic vision while commencing to think about possible brand building strategies.

This course is addressed to those who:

– Want to professionally enter the world of women’s footwear as pattern makers, prototypers, designers, product developers or entrepreneurs.

– Are already footwear designers, product development managers or company owners and want to better learn all the shoemaking processes and gain a common language to interact more proficiently with manufacturers.

– Want to be part of a new generation of makers, who are able to mix traditional technical expertise with creativity, design and contemporary business strategies.

– Want to gain technical expertise from real professionals in the field.

– Love the Made in Italy approach and consider Florence one of the best places for shoe and accessory manufacturing.


The skills and vision acquired during the course give students the opportunity to start or enrich a professional career in the fields of women’s footwear as pattern makers, prototypers, designers, product development or quality control associates, entrepreneurs, technical consultants and master cobblers.

Our main goal is to train a new generation of Makers, independent creative people who want to open their own workshop and start creating something new and beautiful with their heart, mind and hands. 


Each applicant will be interviewed by the school’s staff in order to verify language skills and motivations. To start the enrollment process, please fill out the contact form


Enrollment is limited to 12 students. There are no prerequisites. Personal motivation and vision will be the main aspects that will be taken into consideration and evaluated in order to be accepted into this program.


High school diploma; a high-intermediate level of English or Italian language sufficient to understand and to participate in lessons (corresponding to level TOEFL 450); 18 years of age at the time of application.


Attendance is mandatory. Classes and workshops are held from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00


Our training programs start each year at the beginning of February and in late August.


The school will support students in finding an accommodation during the length of the course.


A pre-enrollment is necessary with a deposit of €3500 at the moment of the signing up. The deposit will be refunded if the application is not accepted. After enrollment is accepted, the deposit will not be refunded in case the student decides not to attend.

Total price of the Apprentice Level is €5900, including all class works, lessons, use of laboratories, a kit of basic materials needed for the lessons, taxes and insurance.

Total price of the Artigiano Level is €10800, including all class works, lessons, use of laboratories, a kit of basic materials needed for the lessons, taxes and insurance.

Not included: accommodation and meals, airfare, airport transfer and meals, extra materials, particular equipment requested for the personal final project.


10:00-13:00 AM / 14:00-18:00 PM (CET)

+[39] 055/8895660



Florence (Italy)

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