Openday – October 19th 2021

Openday – October 19th 2021

Tuesday, October 19th We go live from our labs from 2 pm CET.

Let us take you on a virtual journey through our philosophy, our knowledge and what we believe in.
From following a kitchen brigade at Cibréo Restaurant to living the historical atmosphere of Scuola del Cuoio for the most renowned Leather Making program in the world, this will be a typical day at SCHOLA.

Our teachers and partners will be your tour guides, to help you understand more about our hands-on courses, their methods, requirements, achievements and future careers.

How to Join the Events

These live shows are going to be broadcast live on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

One-to-one Interviews

Our staff will be available for one-to-one interviews and meetings during the whole event.