Priscila Lira

Priscila Lira

In February 2021 I’ve inaugurated my studio in Florence, Samba Artigianale .

Here I design and manufacture unique handmade leather bags combining the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the joyful Brazilian spirit.


Do you have a brand?


Samba Artigianale offers unique artisanal handbags with a contemporary and joyful design.

My brand is a slow fashion brand focusing on the creation process and not only on the final manufactured product.


What’s your craft?


My designs mix Italian craftsmanship with my Brazilian heritage.

Inspired by tropical nature, they say something about who I am, where I come from and my values. 


What’s peculiar about it?


Samba Artigianale is an eco-friendly brand. Our suppliers are chosen based on their attention for the environment: vegetable tanning, origin of animals and the natural coloring process of the skin.


What do you think about the intelligence of the hands and why is handmade better?


When I moved to Florence I was fascinated by the creative atmosphere of the city: the intelligence of thousands of hands.

When I started my training at leather school in Florence I discovered a different way of learning.

Using the intelligence of the hands is a way to connect with yourself and with your work in a stronger way. 

When I see a handmade product, I think about the history of that object, the artisan who produced it, his inspiration, the hours of work, his life story.

Choosing a handmade product is choosing an unique object with a history.  


Tips for future makers?


To be a gook maker is important to invest in a good formation.

After school, take some time to practice what you learned.

This will help you to develop your skills and become more confident. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this is the best way to learn. When you feel ready you can start creating your own designs and develop your business model. 

Don’t obsessively look at other designers’ work.

Create your own style and this needs to come from you, your history and your personality. 


How can people get in contact with you?


Instagram: @samba.artigianale