Clara Soto

Clara Soto

I’m  a multidisciplinary designer and artisan. I was born and in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I currently live and work in Florence, Italy. 


Do you have a brand?


I have developed my own line of leather accessories under my namesake brand DIGEROLAMO since 2015.


What’s your craft?


For the past 7 year my main focus and craft has been leather. It’s part of my family heritage as my grandparents and great grandparents were shoemakers and craftsmen.

But I’m also an Artist and Designer in constant evolution and I research and learn how to work with different materials all the time. I look to keep my creativity alive and expanding through exploring all types of craftsmanship. 


What’s peculiar about it?


In my designs I add a lot of braiding and hand punched details which are influenced by my experience and memories growing up in Ecuador, surrounded by artisans and craftsmen of different types.

The images of the women weaving  baskets and hats in the piazza… to the designs of tapestries and textiles…to the fishermen bringing back the nets after a day out at sea.

All of this inspires my approach to working with the leather and the designs I create.


What do you think about the intelligence of the hands and why is handmade better?


The hands are the instrument and connection between the heart of the maker and the material he/she is working with.

For me there is a visceral feeling that I get once I touch the leather which ignites my creativity.

It is such a crucial aspect and influence in the final result of the design I’m creating.

It is through the ‘intelligence of the hands’ that I’m able to bring to life the idea that is born in my mind with such precision and care for detail.

The connection that remains after having created a product by hand is like that of a mother to her baby, and the love and intention it was created with is palpable.


Tips for future makers?


Find your own unique voice, vision and message that you want to bring into this world through your craft. In a world that is filled with ‘things’, there is a big thirst for passion, creativity and value in the products we put out there.

Taking your time to play, explore and find what makes you unique is an investment that will cut through the noise in a very loud and crowded market.