Candice Lau

Candice Lau

My name is Candice Lau. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Australia, now I am a Londoner working in my brand Studio Candice Lau.


Do you have a brand?


Like I said, I have founded my brand Studio Candice Lau. This practice is 8 years in the making and I create leather goods from bags, accessories to now, sculptural art pieces. 


What’s your craft?


My craft is leatherwork. Yet with the advent of more experimental methods, I have started to create more sculptural works which incorporate leather and ceramics. 


What’s peculiar about it?


My work is peculiar as leather has taken a more of a silent role, rather than being the centrepiece of the final object, it acts as an inspiration. These leather sculptures are the catalyst for the ceramic sculptures that are then created to form the final art work. 


What do you think about the intelligence of the hands and why is handmade better?


I find the saying ‘intelligence of the hands’ a beautiful vision. The workings of the hands to create are so fluid and through practice, it becomes second nature. It is through hand making that we discover the true narrative of the object, the person behind the making of this object.


Tips for future makers?


Making is not confined to one medium. Explore and create things using different medium and that’s when you start to see things blossom.