Stefano Bemer


The story began inauspiciously as Mr. Bemer started out in the leather trade and later began repairing shoes in Greve in Chianti in the early 1980’s before moving to
Florence where he apprenticed with a traditional custom shoemaker for several years before opening his own workshop in 1987. His outlook on developing his trade was centered on “learning from mistakes” and adhering to time-honored tradition and technique. The production of an outstanding pair of bespoke shoes only can begin with the selection of the best leather and components. Beautiful leather skins are cut for the uppers, the leather skin for the soles and soaked in water for about twelve hours, then wrapped in paper and beaten on a stone with a hammer. This helps shape the leather’s resistance and pliability, which in the end increase the shoe’s comfort and longevity.

The sewing thread used for the welt and sole is also made in-house. Stefano Bemer utilizes an ancient technique of twisting linen thread with pitch and beeswax.
Lastly, the small amount of glue used is non-synthetic. When the shoes are completed, they arrive to the client in their own signature wooden box, marked with his initials.

They also come with a set of shoes trees that are custom made to exactly fit the shoes they were made for, a pair of shoe bags, a tin of Stefano Bemer’s custom shoe wax, its applying brush, a large dusting brush “ a crine lungo”, and most
importantly, a silver sixpence coin as a token for “good luck.” Today, at Stefano Bemer, we continue both to produce the best Bespoke and Ready To Wear shoes as well as train aspiring shoemakers in the traditions and dedication to quality that represents the cultural heritage of Stefano Bemer.